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Boats Charters Gold Coast: Memorial Service or Ash Scattering

Memorial charter boats assist with the final voyage of your loved ones. These boats are led by experienced crews who will solemnly and reverently, pilot the boat to some of the most serene spots on the Gold Coat Broadwater. Everlasting memory and love for your dearly departed would be honoured there. A meaningful platform commemorating life as the ashes find their home in the sea.

Epsilon Sailing Boat (38 ft)

Capacity: 7

Encore Sailing Boat (47 ft)

Capacity: 8

Seawind 1000XL Sailing Catamaran (55 ft)

Capacity: 20

Spirit of Gwonda Sailing Catamaran (35 ft)

Capacity: 30

Life’s Good Boat (40 ft)

Capacity: 25

Brazilian Breeze Boat (52 ft)

Capacity: 29

AKI Luxury Boat (77 ft)

Capacity: 45

Crystal Blue Super Yacht (80 ft)

Capacity: 60